Broken Collar Bone

A couple weeks ago I broke my collar bone in a car accident. For those, like the x-ray technician, who do not know what the clavicle is, it is the collar bone. For those that do not know what or where the pectoral muscles are they are the ones on your upper chest and you do use them to sit up (in combination with your abdominal muscles). This means that sitting up in bed hurts like crazy resulting in strange slug-like movements to extract one's self from bed in the morning.
This is my broken clavicle
My break did not have to be set-moving the bones so that they heal properly. The bones are still touching and will heal with only a bump. Some breaks require surgery with pins put in to hold the pieces of the bone in alignment. Other complications include punctured lungs and pinched nerves, blood vessels and muscle mass. Basically it's not a great bone to break, but hey, it's better than breaking a rib.

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