Attenborough's Ark

David Attenborough was recently asked which 10 animals he would take on an ark to save. Those he chose made the list because because they are emblematic of the plight of their species, as well as those related to them, and because they "lift the heart". The show, Attenborough's Ark, will broadcast on BBC2 on November 9th at 9pm.

1. Black Lion Tamarin
2.Sumatran Rhino (smallest of the rhinos)
3. Solenodon (venomous mammal)
4. Olm Salamander (blind cave dweller)
5. Marvelous Spatuletail Hummingbird
6. Darwin's Frog (mouth brooder)
7. Sunda Pangolin (armor plated mammal)
8. Priam's Birding Butterfly (aka birdwing)
9. Northern Quoll (marsupial)
10. Venus's Flower Basket (deep water sponge)

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