Central Coast

I recently took a trip to the central coast of California including Morro Bay, San Luis Obispo, Avila, and Cayucos. Morro Bay is known for it's wildlife, especially around its most prominent landmark, Morro Rock. Some frequently seen residents include Western, Ring-bill, California, and Heermann's Gulls; Pelagic and Double Crested Cormorants; and the famously cute sea otters. I was lucky enough to see these guys while there and to see them through a spotting scope with a magnification of 20x. This photo is of a mother and an almost fully grown baby. I also got to see the Elephant Seals and watch some of the young males fighting. The pictures have a black edge because they were taken looking down the spotting scope.
I also saw four birds which I've added to my life list. They included the Pigeon Guillemot which is simply adorable. There were a couple of them swimming and diving in the bay near Morro Rock.

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