Oology Cards set #1

These are the first species that I have entered the data for. We are working to digitize the records of over 200,000 egg clutches from all over the world. The study of eggs is known as Oology, pronounced Oh-ahlogy. These eggs are useful for many reasons including comparing clutch sizes though time, nesting locations though time, and fertility rates. So far I have entered data for the Great Skua (multiple subspecies), Black-faced Sheathbill, Snowy Sheathbill, Pomarine Jaeger, Rufous Seedsnipe, Gray-bellied Seepsnipe, South Polar Skua, and Least Seedsnipe. I will put the pictures in the order that I listed the species. These birds are all cold climate dwellers and sea birds. I have entered data going back to 1869 which was collected in Antarctica. It's wonderful to try to relive the lives of these naturalists, going to this remote continent so long ago.

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