Mollie Ward Greist

I have been doing data input on egg collections and had input over 200 data cards before I came across the first female collector. This is not surprising as the eggs were collected between 1869 and the 1940's when the vast majority of naturalists and collectors were male. Mollie Ward Greist (center of photo at right) was a registered nurse (RN) and wife of Dr. Henry Greist and lived in Point Hope and Barrow, Alaska from 1921-1937. During this time she collected eggs, the ones I entered data for at Pomarine Jaegers. She sold these eggs to collectors such as Charles D. Brower. In addition to her egg collecting she is best known for her photographs of the local people as well as family friends. These photographs are now in Alaska's digital archives. Her photographs portray people of all ages and walks of life. She is also the author of the book Nursing under the North Star with Mollie Greist which is about her time among the native Alaskan people as well as their healing methods. She has also been honored with a nursing scholarship in her name.

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