Moby Duck

Moby Duck by Donovan Hohn follows the story of 28,800 children’s bath toys that were lost at sea from a container ship in 1992.It is a story of science and fun. Hohn goes on a quest to find out everything he can about these toys. In the process he uncovers many things most readers probably didn’t know as well as dispelling misconceptions. On his journey he travels to the factory in China that made the toys, travels on a container ship along the same route the toys took, hunts for them on beaches, and sends the toys to labs for chemical analysis. He dispels the myth that all the toys were rubber ducks, that rubber ducks are made of rubber, and that the Great Garbage Patch is a single entity. Through it all he instills a love of the ocean in his readers, a desire to learn more about how we are changing the oceanic environment and what can be done to reverse or arrest the negative effects we are having on it. The book is a fantastic combination of hapless travel log and in depth scientific look at plastic debris and its journey around the world and through society.

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