World's Smallest Frog

The Matang Narrow-mouthed Frog (Microhyla nepenthicola) is a newly described species, it was discovered more than 100 years ago, but thought to be a juvenile of another species. It is also the smallest known species of frog. Researchers tracked the frogs via their distinctive call; they knew it was an adult rather than a juvenile because only adult frogs call. Males range in size from 10.6-12.8mm and females are larger with a total length of about 16mm. They are found around the edges of tropical rainforests, spending most of its life in a pitcher plant Nepenthes ampullaria, after which it is named. Prior to its description the smallest Old World frog was Stumpffia pygmaea, with a body length of 10.9–12.0 mm. The frog is brown in color with blotches of darker brown on the body. The frogs are active in the day and at night, both only around the pitcher plants where they make their homes. The tadpoles are white to light green in color and are endotrophic meaning they live of the yolk which is inside their bodies. The species was described by Indraneil Das and Alexander Haas.

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